Thursday, January 6, 2011

Vintage photo's ?

My goal with these were to have pictures of Mr. Brom that reminded me of those Sear's or Penny's photos that we all had taken as a kid(vintage style.) Remember that folding stool things and the bad back drops of bunnies/trees or whatever season it might have been.

We started out ok on the couch
oh, if you look hard you can see purple on the couch right by B's head
Did I mention I have a Lyndon before?
(see how his hair as a little red in it, that is why he is the way he is)
Then, we moved to the blanket covered chair

                 Yep, it really was like a trip to sears to get your pictures taken
                                   (only no one fell off the table)
       How cute is the vintage train outfit? So Cute, you may see more of it.

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