Tuesday, January 11, 2011

a lot like his momma

I am pretty sure god gave me him to teach me about patience. 
 On one hand he is a lot like his momma, on the other like his daddy, but he marches to his own drummer. He is the artistic one of the bunch. Now don't get me wrong. G is a fantastic artist in his own right. But I think this is a left brained vs. right brained thing. Lyndon is just wired different than most at this house.
Lyndon loves to go thrifting/ antique hunting with me. He gets the challenge of the hunt. The search for the perfect find or the greatest chair you have ever seen.  We came across this pop crate for 0.75, we knew that we had to have it.
purpose, we knew not
Somebody had put hooks on the back of it and I am guessing used it as a shadow box. It was so deep, I just thought not.
It sat around for awhile, when L decided that the cans of spray paint need to be kept in it. I agree, those cans seem to be everywhere in the garage and currently in the house.
He added a ruler and that was it, we had a spray paint caddy
I will pay 75 cents for a little organization any day.
job well done little man

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