Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Hippie hat of the day

G is for Growing up!

Graydon is growing up so fast it is hard to believe that he is nine. Yet, at the same time, sometimes I forget that he is only nine. He has always had a sense of maturity beyond his years. He is so smart that he just seems to be the other adult in the house.
               The school did some testing on him and we were all very blown away by the results. He is quick witted and keeps his teachers on their toes. At parent teacher conferences this year, his teacher reported that she found it refreshing to have a student that could match wits with her in the third grade. He has his whole life planned out for himself, right down to year 42 (I think.) Type A to a tee!
I am pretty sure if god took me home tomorrow, Graydon could not only finish raising himself, but he could raise his brothers too.  If Brom starts to cry in the middle of the night or early in the morning, I almost have to race Graydon to his side. He is a caring big brother and extremely protective of them both. If Lyndon gets in trouble he takes the role of defense attorney. He can’t help it, he is loyal. He would rather get into trouble pointing out the little facts of the situation, than to see Lyndon in his eyes, get an unfair shake.  He is a leader and a role model without even trying. He has a strong personality.  While most people see it, I believe he is unaware.  The boys do bicker on some occasions, but there is a reason that Lyndon is waiting at the front door for him every day at about 3:45.  
 So, is G for Grown up? Not quite yet, but he gets a little closer every day.
At Uncle Andrew's wedding

They were just hanging on the couch and the next thing we knew they were both in the middle of a cat nap
Brom was crying during the vintage train picture taking event and it was driving him crazy. "Mom, are you really gonna let him cry? What will people think when they see him crying in your pictures?"

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

a lot like his momma

I am pretty sure god gave me him to teach me about patience. 
 On one hand he is a lot like his momma, on the other like his daddy, but he marches to his own drummer. He is the artistic one of the bunch. Now don't get me wrong. G is a fantastic artist in his own right. But I think this is a left brained vs. right brained thing. Lyndon is just wired different than most at this house.
Lyndon loves to go thrifting/ antique hunting with me. He gets the challenge of the hunt. The search for the perfect find or the greatest chair you have ever seen.  We came across this pop crate for 0.75, we knew that we had to have it.
purpose, we knew not
Somebody had put hooks on the back of it and I am guessing used it as a shadow box. It was so deep, I just thought not.
It sat around for awhile, when L decided that the cans of spray paint need to be kept in it. I agree, those cans seem to be everywhere in the garage and currently in the house.
He added a ruler and that was it, we had a spray paint caddy
I will pay 75 cents for a little organization any day.
job well done little man

It is a brom of a day!

Here is my christmas baby! 
 He scooted the entire way across his room to get to this roll of paper towels. yep, every once and awhile I clean. tehe

Stop looking at my junk in the background and focus on the baby, people. hehe
p.s. that is a huge pile of towels, that was on the coffee table.  L helped them find the floor. HE is such a helpful 4 year old.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Vintage photo's ?

My goal with these were to have pictures of Mr. Brom that reminded me of those Sear's or Penny's photos that we all had taken as a kid(vintage style.) Remember that folding stool things and the bad back drops of bunnies/trees or whatever season it might have been.

We started out ok on the couch
oh, if you look hard you can see purple on the couch right by B's head
Did I mention I have a Lyndon before?
(see how his hair as a little red in it, that is why he is the way he is)
Then, we moved to the blanket covered chair

                 Yep, it really was like a trip to sears to get your pictures taken
                                   (only no one fell off the table)
       How cute is the vintage train outfit? So Cute, you may see more of it.


A few of my favorite pictures
of my G (2010)
 Really, you are riding super skateboard down a huge hill and all they are gonna give you is a helmet. P.S. this did not end well! I am saving the pics of leland attempting this for a rainy day, when we all need a good laugh
                          Yep, I'm gonna let this one go. Enough said