Tuesday, December 14, 2010

The story of Lyndon's jar!

 One day about 3 weeks ago, I wondered into the local thrift store. I was alone. Giddy, I was taking my sweet time looking around.
 My eye came across this jar, it was sort of wonderful, but why?
It was just a big glass jar.
I picked it up and put it down several times. Finally, in a last minute decision against any reason. I bought it. 
Surely, I can find use for this jar.  
I washed it up. I put it on the counter in our kitchen.
Empty, it was a sad jar.
I was searching for something, but was careful not to rush into filling it. 
It was not any jar, but a special jar.
The reason remained unknown at the time. 

Lyndon picked up that jar frequently. With a sparkle in his eye,
He knew that jar was special too. But why?
Then it happened, the jar found its purpose!
Lyndon was coloring on the dining room floor.
Long after he had left his artwork,
markers remained on the rug.
"Lyndon, Lyndon, I know what the jar is for!"
"What, what are you going to put in it?" he exclaimed with joy in his voice
"No, what are you going to put in your jar?" I said
"This is my jar?" with wild excitement in his voice
"Yep, I think your markers are looking for a new home."
You may think I am crazy giving a 4 year old a glass jar.
The jar & Lyndon have been happy together ever since.
They spend time doing artwork & watching cartoons.
I have even caught him talking to (maybe with) the jar.
See, it is a special jar, we just didn't know why!

Brom unedited (photoshop free)

You asked for him,
Mr. Broms!
                        Please excuse any mess that you see in background.
                                            I have a Lyndon (mess maker)
                                                a huge love for books!
                            (currently, several piles are all over my house)
                                       Security in training- offical position
                                    9/24/10- was the date this was taken
                                       Uncle Andrew's wedding weekend

Monday, December 13, 2010

Our Little people do love each other!

Look at them, they might actually love each other! Amazing!!!
We are again having picture trouble at our house. Photoshop is not letting me pull pictures for the blog.  Arg, why can't we be computer people?

Thursday, December 9, 2010

conversation of the day 12/8/10

Lyndon says " I'm hungry"
Mom says " It's almost done"
Lyndon "what are you making"
Mom "frog eye sandwiches"
Lyndon "where did you get frog's eyes"
Mom "store"
Lyndon "oh, Graydon we are going to eat frog's eyes tonight"
Graydon "oh"
Please imagine lyndon doing a little dance here and singing about frog eyes
Mom hands lyndon his plate,
Lyndon " this is hamburger, I have to eat this, I don't eat hamburger"

 He did not eat the sloppy joe with peas in it, but I tried!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

New blog for the New Year

Lyndon (4)
Graydon (9)
So, I am starting a new blog. Anyone reading remembers when I tried this last. Leland & I could not figure out pictures, then our computer gave out. I have decided to give it another go. These are a couple of pictures from a recent trip to the zoo. Watch for pictures of the new Big Red Barn.